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tisdag 29 oktober 2013

Front wheel

Then it was time for my stock 16" cast front wheel to be replaced by a single disc chrome hub from a newer Harley.
Around this I put shiny chrome spokes and finally a 21" x  3,5" Akront/Morad alu rim.
On the left side I mounted an ISR six pot race caliper and a custom made full floating racing 330mm ISR disc.
The ISR caliper I mounted in the existing left leg bracket with a custom billet aluminum adapter plate i made.
Right leg original caliper bracket was shaved of.
And after that both legs got a bright polish before new seals was mounted.
Finally a new nice black Continental ContiRace Attack Custom 120/70- 21 tire was mounted before it all came together.

First cut is the deepest...

Early mockup to see the difference
(Note the not so rigid cardboard brakedisc)

First I made an adjustable caliper bracket template

Than I made a full scale bracket out of 10mm alu...

...and with that bracket as template I made the final bracket
out of a piece of 10mm alu I got from ISR

The shiny alu Morad 21" x 3,5" rim

The awesome threaded Continental ContiRace Attack Custom

And this is how it's turned out. Not so bad I think

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