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söndag 27 oktober 2013


The old floorboard was replaced by a complete set of floorboards from a Fat Boy -04 with mounting brackets, gearshifter and brake caliper.
The old boards and some of the old hardware was shaved of and the measurement begun.
The new position became about 4" forward and 1,5" down in the rear.
To mount them I made adapter plates which were mounted in the original brackets and new holes was made to mount the new floorboards.
On the backside of the brackets I welded handy, nice little nuts to make mounting more easy.
The new brackets got a round of black powdercoat before it came on the bike.
And than I mounted it all with new nice looking stainless buttonhead insex bolts

Right side mounted with brackets and new hardware.

Left side got the same treatment and the stock kickstand was used in the old position.
The kickstand worked fine and just needed a thin wedge to give it the right angle.
I also shortend the shift rod arm and made a fancy new linkage out of reinforcing bar that I painted silver and mounted with the stock ends from the  -04 linkage.

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