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onsdag 30 oktober 2013

Dellorto dynorun

Now I was ready for some serious tuning.
After a while with lots and lots of short test runs I had a Dellorto set-up that looked amazing and with reasonable driveability. The next step was to do the final tuning on the dyno.
The third time around on the dyno for this bike. First: S&S, second: CV and third: Dellorto

On the dyno with the Dellorto, at last

But it took untill autum 2013 before I got to do some dynoruns with the Dellorto.
Because I had to do a cover for the "wire wheel" and solve a problem with a sloppy return spring first and of course solve the dreadful problems that turned out to be the loose valve seat.
So I had to go back to the trusty old CV for a season (2012) to pass technical inspection and to get a proper dynorun on that carb also.
But now the problems are solved and the mighty Dellorto crowns the Shovel again.

But the best news was that the cool Dellorto was even better than the boring, mainstream CV !!

Turquoise -> CV vs Red -> Dellorto

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