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söndag 27 oktober 2013

Carb and mufflers

To top off the engine rebuild I did an upgrade to the "in and out section" of the bike.
The old S&S carb was replaced by a CV with a alu flange to match the S&S intake.
 CV with aluflange and S&S intake

I found a complete OEM chrome lid with the stock black grill on a local swapmeet.
It had probably been sitting on a shelf for three decades or so because it was all covered in dirt and dust but under this it was a immaculate chromed lid hiding.

The immaculate lid with the grill intact

The lid I paired with a backplate I did from scratch together with a K&N filter from a Twincam that I bought at a swapmeet.
First I made the plate itself to match all neccesary holes, than I cut small pipes and welded to the backplate to get the right spacing for the K&N filter between the backplate and the lid.
I also made some handy nuts that I welded on the backplate to ease up the mounting of the lid.
Finally I welded support brackets to the backplate to mount in the stock mounts in the rockerboxes.
So much measuring to get everything all lined up and a perfect fit, but It became a nice piece in the end.

The CV airfilter backplate

Lid, backplate & K&N

Another modification I did was a remote idle adjuster.
My friends with Mikuni HSR's has a remote idle adjuster that I thought was a handy feature.
Another friend with a Buell S1 had also an external idle adjuster and he had a CV carb so that looked interesting.
Some hunting at eBay and a Buell idle adjuster cable was on the way over the pond to me.
When I got it home I realized that the thread at the Buell CV was larger than on a Harley CV.
But I just cut a smaller thread over the old and than it worked like a charm.

The external idle adjuster from a Buell S1 finally on my CV

And the end part got a pair of Supertrapp mufflers.
The new muffles was shorter than stock ones so I had to weld a extension bit on the stock pipes to get the total length to match up.

Supertrapp mounted in the new powdercoated brackets and ready to roar

I also removed the rusty and dodgy heatshields and replaced them with exhaust wrap instead.

Exhaust wrap on the front pipe running all along the left side.

Airbox, exhaust wrap and Supertrapp.

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  1. Great job! Seeing your bike I definitely have to change my opinion about the air filter cover... It is not so ugly after all. In fact on your bike it is even nice looking! It harmonizes perfectly with the lines of the bike!